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Arizona and Concrete Playground Content Partnership
  • 1.3M in market travellers

    Total Campaign Reach
  • +50,000

    Content Reads
  • 88% agreed

    Consideration to visit AZ increased

Concrete Playground Showcases what "Awaits" in Arizona

Linkd Tourism worked with Concrete Playground and Arizona Office of Tourism to produce a campaign “Arizona Awaits” that showcased the diverse travel experiences in Arizona. It highlighted the state’s stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and culinary offerings.  


Objective: The partnership’s goal was to inspire travellers to explore the unique and exciting adventures that Arizona has to offer – increasing overall consideration for the destination of Australian travellers.

Our Role

Linked Tourism managed both the content creation and media buying aspects of the project plus hosted a famil to assist in the content gathering process. 

What we did

  1. Arizona Tourism and Linkd Tourism hosted a Concrete Playground Editor for an immersive firsthand experience in Arizona. The trip inspired and informed the travel content across Concrete Playground. 
  2. Concrete Playground curated a content hub and four thematic itineraries to entice travel enthusiasts to explore Arizona based on the interests of Australia travellers. These itineraries ranged across luxury, adventure, wellness and culinary experiences. 
  3. Concrete Playground also produced a first-timer’s guide to Arizona which sought to encourage traveller to think of Arizona as more than just the Grand Canyon. 
  4. All the content featured bookable experiences and hotels which Australians could book via ‘CP Trips’, Concrete Playground’s booking engine, offering a seamless journey from inspiration to booking.  
  5. Concrete Playground widely promoted these itineraries through its social channels and newsletters. 

The Results

The campaign exceeded expectations with remarkable results: 

Total campaign reach: Guaranteed 564K but delivered 1.3M, a 240%+ over-delivery. 

Number of AZ Content Reads: Guaranteed 50K total page views but delivered 50.6K.

Consideration Increase: An impressive 88% of participants agreed that the content boosted their likelihood of visiting Arizona, according to a brand uplift study. 

My trip to Arizona, organised and steered by Linkd Tourism was the most interesting and rewarding week of my career. I felt welcome from the start and Jack and the other members of the famil became a mini family for my time in the Grand Canyon state. It was a wonderful trip from start to finish, seeing and experiencing everything Arizona had to offer. This was my first solo trip to the United States, and experiencing the destination first hand allowed me to truly create authentic editorial content, which always resonates incredibly well with our loyal readers.
Alex Jones
Concrete Playground
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