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Ishikawa Prefecture Training Webinar

Come explore Japan’s Golden Destination, Ishikawa Prefecture. This short webinar highlights some of the amazing cultural experiences, crafts, arts, cuisine and breathtaking natural beauty that make Ishikawa one of Japan’s best kept secrets.

And for further webinars, please visit the JNTO Australia and New Zealand Travel Trade webinar You Tube channel.

Sample Ishikawa Itineraries

Ishikawa is a must for lovers of Japanese culture, history and architecture. Click here to access themed sample itineraries.

Kanazawa Sightseeing Map

A useful Kanazawa city sightseeing map which includes useful tourist and bus information. Click here to download the Kanazawa Sightseeing Map.

Kanazawa Guidebook

This comprehensive guidebook allows you to go deeper into Kanazawa’s fascinating past and vibrant present. Click here to download the Kanazawa Guidebook. 

Marketing Resources

For more information and assets on Ishikawa Prefecture including marketing images, area maps and recommended sample itineraries to help you build your customers perfect Ishikawa adventure, please visit:
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