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Often regarded as one of Japan’s most beautiful cities, Kanazawa continues to be one of the most vibrant, historically significant cities in Japan. Its treasure trove of attractions and must-see experiences include atmospheric samurai quarters and Geisha districts, rich craft traditions, and distinctive local cuisine.  And with easy access from Hakuba, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, there’s no wonder that Kanazawa is quickly becoming one of Japan’s must visit cities.

Agent Resources – Destination Guide

Come explore Kanazawa and nearby Nagano City with this 6-page destination guide.  Download the guide and share it with your clients.  The guide is full of helpful tips ranging from multi-day stay itineraries, accommodation options, dining and must-sees.  Why not bookmark and share it with your customers who may be looking to explore authentic Japan?

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Learn more about Kanazawa with this short webinar, highlighting some tips and tricks on how to plan the ultimate Kanazawa stay.

Getting Here

From Hakuba:

Hakuba-Nagano-Kanazawa: 2 Hours and 30 Mins via Hokuriku Shinkansen and Bus (*Japan Rail Pass available for Shinakensen only

From Tokyo:

①Tokyo Station-Kanazawa Station via Hokuriku Shinkansen: 2 Hours and 30 Mins*Japan Rail Pass available

②Haneda Airport-Komatsu Airport-Kanazawa Station via Plane and Airport Bus: 1 Hour and 40 Mins 

From Kyoto / Osaka:

Kyoto Station or Osaka Station-Kanazawa Station via Thunder Bird Express Train: 2 Hours and 10 Mins (from Kyoto) or 2 Hours and 40 Mins (from Osaka) (*Japan Rail Pass available

Kanazawa Highlights

Kenrokuen Garden:

Considered one of Japan’s three most beautiful gardens, Kenrokuen Garden is a must-visit location and a great place to wander through the stunning and serene Japanese style gardens, no matter the season of your visit.  In Winter, the delicate Karasaki pine trees of Kenrokuen are decorated with ropes that are hung from the top and arranged to resemble a conical shape that covers the entire tree. This method of protecting the branches is called yukizuri (snow hanging).  The best time to witness these beautiful structures is when Kenrokuen is covered in snow from January to February.  And to make the structures even more impressive, they are also illuminated at night.

Nagamachi District:

Nagamachi District is a stunningly preserved samurai district in the centre of Kanazawa which retains many features from the Edo period including narrow streets, and restored samurai houses.  In winter, straw mats called ‘komo’ are attached to the earthen walls.  Once the snow starts to build up, the traditional streetscape becomes even more beautiful.

Higashi Chaya District:

Chaya Houses are characterised by the beautiful lattice known as “kimusuko” on the outside of the first floor, and Japanese style guestrooms located above.   Kanazawa’s Higashi Chaya district is the perfect place to experience traditional Japanese culture through participating in a tea ceremony or exploring one of the shops, restaurants or craft stores located within the narrow streets.  You might even spot a Geisha wandering between the numerous Chaya Houses still in operation today.

Omicho Market & Cooking Class:

Start this experience wandering around Omicho Market – the hub of Kanazawa’s bustling food culture.  Here, you can explore the stalls and wind your way through the bustling crowds to seek out the best in-season ingredients that you will later use in your cooking class following the tour.

Crab Cuisine:

Kanazawa’s proximity to the Sea of Japan means it has some of the freshest seafood on offer, including a wide array of crab dishes and delicacies.

Agent Resources

Download the Kanazawa City and Nagano City Destination Guide.

Download the complete Kanazawa City Guide:  https://visitkanazawa.jp/files/moretocheck/downloads/en/kanazawa_guidebook_en.pdf

View recommended Kanazawa travel itineraries: https://route.visitkanazawa.jp/

Download the Kanazawa City map:  https://visitkanazawa.jp/files/moretocheck/downloads/en/kanazawa_map_en.pdf

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