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Linkd Tourism Appointed to Represent Visit Gifu Japan

GIFU Japan prepares for Australian and New Zealand Travellers with Appointment of Local Representation Agency, Linkd Tourism

14 October 2020 (Sydney, Australia): Australia-based travel sales and marketing consultancy, Linkd Tourism, has been appointed by Visit GIFU to represent the Japanese prefecture with trade, PR and marketing activity across Australia and New Zealand. 

This appointment, with activity to commence immediately, signifies continued emphasis from GIFU on Australia and New Zealand as key inbound markets and comes off the back of initial project-based investment with Linkd Tourism to promote and distribute the stunning five part GIFU on Film series to whet the appetite of trade partners and media this past May and June.

Linkd Tourism’s Michael Cassis will lead GIFU’s trade development and marketing program with Polly Simmons as PR Account Manager and company MD, Kylee Kay, as Director. Linkd will position GIFU as the physical heart of Japan, targeting the discerning traveller seeking authentic Japanese tradition, adventure, onsen and cuisine.  

Of the appointment, Hidehiko Kato, Senior Deputy Director, Gifu Prefecture Government International Affairs Division, commented “In an uncertain time for international travel, we are confident Japan will be top of the list for Australian and New Zealander international travel as talks of safe travel bubbles between the countries continue. GIFU prefecture is the ideal destination for curious travellers who want to dig a little deeper into Japan’s culture and adventure away from the crowds. Traditional crafts are still practiced by master artisans, forests and castle towns provide a window into the country’s past and adventures in the great outdoors abound. We are extremely pleased with Linkd’s work to date and are confident our partnership with them will help put GIFU on the map and show visitors from Down Under the wonders that await when travel to Japan resumes.”

Kylee Kay, Managing Director of Linkd Tourism, added, “We are excited to be able to promote GIFU to an industry thirsty for new experiences in places most easily accessed on recovery. We believe Japan will be one of the very first outbound destinations Australians and New Zealanders will be travelling to and are excited to showcase this region now as we, as nations, continue to dream of our next escape. Whatever your interests, GIFU is set to provide something for everyone.”

At a time when many destinations are reducing international promotion, the investment in Australia and New Zealand is an extremely positive signal of GIFU’s faith in the market and we are committed to putting GIFU on the radar ahead of the borders re-opening, accelerating the demand and growth in visitation.”

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