Mandana Juon

Accounting / Administration

Behind every strong team there is a mathematical administrator and book keeper, ensuring the systems flow, accounting aligns and legality is in place. Mandana is Linkd’s administrator for all things finance, policy and procedure, ensuring the company sustains a high level of best practice and deliverables to all clients to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Accounting / Administration

Countries Visited: Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, USA, Mexico, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Vanuatu

Last Trip Destination: Switzerland, Austria & Germany
Prior Trip Destination: Switzerland
Upcoming Trip Destination: 
Perth and Switzerland


I was born and raised in Switzerland, lived in the US for a few years and since 1990 I’ve been living in Australia. Over the years I have held a variety of administrative positions in different industries across different continents. Before moving to the Gold Coast, I co-owned and managed of one of Perth’s leading multi-disciplinary Health Centres for many years.

I am passionate about health, nature, living in a sustainable Eco-village, creating beauty and harmony, sharing quality time with friends and practicing and teaching Qigong (Chinese healing exercises).


  • Cert IV in Bookkeeping

About Me:

  • Most Defining Phrase: To live life true to my innermost values and feel lightness of being regardless of circumstances.
  • Any 10 For Dinner: Gangaji, Amma, Ramana Maharshi, Martin Luther King, Robert Plant, Charlize Theron, Andreas Moritz and most of all friends from around the world I have not seen in years.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Direct: +61 7 5568 6711

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