Millie Browne

Trade Director

I started my career in hotels and restaurants and fell into the travel industry when I moved to work and live in London and have never looked back. The last 10 years I have spent as a sales representative working for fantastic companies offering cruising and touring around the globe. Most recently with Rocky Mountaineer after I visited Canada and was absolutely blow away by the scenery and people. 

Since starting with Linkd Tourism it has been my privilege to represent some incredible States in the USA with the training of the travel trade and increase in product in these destinations leading to the growth of these States with the AU and NZ market choosing to travel for adventure and the great outdoors. I am thrilled to work along side an incredible team of industry professionals as we learn and grown from each other.


I have a love for travel and the amazing opportunities this industry has to offer and I am excited to see what comes next. 


Bachelor of Marketing and Tourism Management   

Countries Visited

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Bali, United Kingdom, France, Morrocco, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Singapore, Jamacia, Iceland 

Last Trip Destination

USA (Colorado & Texas)

Prior Trip Destination

USA (Moab, Glenwood Springs, Denver & Orlando)

Most Defining Phrase

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West

Money No Object Purchase

Mansion on the beach – East Coast of Australia.

Any 10 for dinner

Prince Harry, Barack Obama, Nelsen Mandela, Angelina Jolie, Chris Hemsworth, Cathy Freeman, Heath Ledger, Steve Jobs, John Lennon and Eric Bana.

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