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Nagano City is a temple town surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, and with the stunning and admired Zenkoji Temple at its heart.  It is a city where Japanese traditions and culture endure, and the noble samurai culture that once thrived here is revered.  Nagano City offers travellers the chance to immerse themselves in longstanding Japanese traditions, savour tantalizing cuisine, and explore breathtaking natural wonders – all just a short train ride from Tokyo or the many ski resorts nearby. 

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Come explore Nagano City and nearby Kanazawa City with this 6-page destination guide.  Download the guide and share it with your clients.  The guide is full of helpful tips ranging from multi-day stay itineraries, accommodation options, dining and must-sees.  Why not bookmark and share it with your customers who may be looking to explore authentic Japan?

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Learn more about Nagano City with this short webinar, highlighting some tips and tricks on how to plan the ultimate Nagano stay.

Getting Here

From Hakuba:

Nagano-Hakuba: 1 Hour and 10 Mins 

From Tokyo:

Tokyo Station-Nagano Station via the Hokuriku Shinkansen: 1 Hour and 40 Mins(*Japan Rail Pass available)

From Kyoto / Osaka:

① Kyoto Station-Tokyo Station-Nagano Station via the Tokaido & Hokuriku Shinkansen: 3 Hours 40 Mins(*Japan Rail Pass available)

② Kyoto Station or Osaka Station-Nagoya Station-Nagano Station via the Tokaido Shinkansen & Express Train Shinano: 3 Hours and 40 Mins (from Kyoto) or 4 Hours (from Osaka)(*Japan Rail Pass available)

Nagano Highlights

Zenkoji Temple:

At the heart of Nagano lies one of Japan’s most significant and revered cultural sites.  It is said that Zenkoji Temple was originally built about 1 400 years ago and the temples main hall, with its majestic beauty and ornate features, was designated a National Treasure of Japan in 1953.  Visitors from around the world travel to explore the temples vast grounds, and delve deep into the underground chamber in search of the “key to paradise”.

Avenue of Cedar Trees (Togakushi Shrine):

The Togakushi Shrine consists of three spectacular temples hidden deep within the mountains to the North-West of Nagano.  Whilst the shrines themselves are spectacular to behold, it’s the stunning natural wonders that surround the temples that draws visitors to this breathtaking area.  Leading to the temple is a long avenue lined with 400-year old cedar trees and the view from the Zuishin-mon gate in the middle is particularly magnificent.

Nagano Olympic Museum:

Nagano gained popularity internationally in 1998 when it hosted the Winter Olympics.  Today, many of the Olympic sites can be seen all around the city including the sports arena where the opening and closing ceremonies were held.  Nearby, the Nagao Olympics Museum also offers a glimpse to some of the unforgettable moments from this landmark event. And best of all, the museum is free of charge to enter. 

Togakushi Ski Area:

The Togakushi mountain ranges surround Nagano and offer numerous experiences to enjoy from hiking trails in the Summer, to skiing in the Winter.  One of the more unique offerings is a Snowshoeing tour to observe animal tracks in the pristine beech forest and wander through regions of the forest only accessible during the snow season.

Togakushi Soba:

Togakushi soba noodles are some of the highest quality soba found throughout Japan due the high-quality buckwheat produced in the area.  You can even try your hand at making the noodles yourself during a Soba Making experience.

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